Baptisms, Weddings & Funerals

Here at Holy Trinity we're delighted to be able to share in and serve those who are connected to our Parish in some of the most important moments in life.

Please get in touch with us to discuss marking your life events at Holy Trinity.

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Baptism is a public commitment to follow Jesus and can be made as an adult or on behalf of a child. In baptism, we welcome the baptism candidate into the family of the Church and promises are made before God to either follow God for the rest of their life or to help the child who is being baptised to grow in love and faith as a follower of Jesus Christ.

A Thanksgiving service doesn't involve making promises, but instead is a service to give thanks to God for the birth of a child and to ask family, friends and the church community to pray for and support you in raising your child.


A marriage ceremony in church marks the joining of a man and woman in a committed relationship before God. You will make solemn promises before family, friends and before God and we'll be so happy to journey with you as you prepare for your big day and into married life together.


Funerals are an important way of remembering and celebrating the life of a loved one. Bereavement can be very difficult to cope with and we are available to talk or pray with anyone who is struggling if they wish.

These services can be at the Holy Trinity Church itself or at a York Crematorium, but either way a member of the clergy will meet with you ahead of the service, talk through everything with you and help to make the service as personal and helpful as possible.